Photographic Album: Kashubian Wedding According to I. Gulgowski

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Wesele kaszubskie wg. I. Gulgowskiego" to niezwykła podróż w czasie, wyprawa w czasy dawno minione. To fotograficzna opowieść o dawnych zwyczajach kaszubskich, opisanych ponad sto lat temu przez Izydora Gulgowskiego, ponownie przywołanych do życia przez autora zdjęć, Radosława Brzozowskiego

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It is with greatest pride that we present the first Polish photographic album composed entirely of photographs created as wetplate collodion ambrotypes, with an introduction by dr Krzysztof Jurecki. 

"Kashubian Wedding According to  I. Gulgowskiego" is a unique journey in time, an expedition into the days long gone. It is a photographic tale of old Kashubian customs, described over a century ago and recalled by the autor of the photographs, Radosław Brzozowski, together with the exceptional team of the Izydora and Teodor Gulgowski Kashubian Etnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie. It is a trully unique story, retold as it could have been created a hundred and fifty years ago; on glass plates. 

"Kashubian Wedding According to I. Gulgowski" involved months of preparation, searching for historical sources, consultations with ethnographers, sewing costumes, making paper flowers, not to mention years of experience in wetplate darkroom. And all of this culminating in three days of hard work for the photographer and his team.

In those three days it was possible to recreate and "document" a true Kashubian wedding, one that could have taken place mid 19th century. A wedding together with traditional preparations; slaughtering a pig and chicken, traditional betrothal, church wedding and, above all, the traditional village party. During those three days we told the story of the young couple from the moment they met to their wedding party, the way things were a hundred and fifty years ago

Photographs: Radosław Brzozowski

Text based on "Of the Unknown People in Germany": Radosław Brzozowski

Introduction: dr Krzysztof Jurecki

Language: Polish and English

Number of pages:  144

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Szerokość (mm) 210
Wysokość (mm) 297
Głębokość (mm) 15
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