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Lightweight, 100% cotton paper, allowing the photographer to get as close as possible to the realities of a photographer's work in 19th century, when photographs were made on equally thin (and often thinner) papers with no texture that offered the ultimate image quality, frequently difficult to replicate on modern watercolour papers. Once mounted on a stiff backing (like cardboard, the image literally melted into it and remained ideally flat and extremely permanent, even if the paper it was printing on was thin and delicate in itself.

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The paper we offer, weighs 90g per a square meter and is natural white in colour. It is free from optical brighteners, made entirely from celulose coming from cotton and it thus offers a unique opportunity to replicate photographs made on such papers in the past. Its pH is neutral as the paper is free of the alcalic reserve that may affet some of the historical photographic processes. It is PAT certified which quarantees its permanence and lack of negative influence on photographs. THe paper is excellent, among other processes, for cyanotype (inluding the Mike Ware formula), Vandyke brown and the saltprint though it requires a carefully chosen recipe. In Vandyke brownprint it gives very dark, pleasing tones and an image that is crisper than on most watercolour papers. It offers enough rigidity to display the smaller prints unmounted though mounting on museum grade cardboard is recommended with larger prints. 

The paper offers good wetstrength allowing for printing A3 without additional support though this size requires some care to prevent tearing the paper. As the paper is quite soft when wet, it doesn't crease easily. Once dry the paper is rather flat, with a very limited amount of curling and warping which makes the presentation of unmounted pictures possible.

Price for 10 A3+ sheets. 

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