Carta d'archivio (white) A3+

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I the 19th century photographs were usually printed on papers as thin as your regular photocopying paper of thinner, free of texture, which offered the best image quality, difficult to duplicate using modern watercolour papers that we usually print on. Once processed, such images were mounted on a rigid support, usually made of cardboard. THe thin paper on which the image was printed was pressed into the thicker support, effectively becoming one with it and providing excellent quality and permanence.

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Carta d'archivo is a cellulose paper, free of lignin, weighing just 75 grams per square meter and thus very similar to the papers used historically. It has an alcaline reserve increasing its permanence. It has the ISO 9706 certificate as well as the PAT test which quarantee its permanence and lack of negative influence on photographic images, It is excellent for processes such as the saltprint and the Vandyke brown, though it also produces excellent results with salt or albumen printing. Because it lacks rigidity, it needs to be mounted on a more rigid support for display and in order to protect it from mechanical damage. 

It has a reasonable wetstrength making it possible to process prints as large as A3, though it will require considerable skill and care, especially if one chooses to work without a supporting screen. Once wet, it is soft which prevents it from breaking or creasing. Once air dried, it will be creased and uneven which necessitates mounting on a flat, rigid mat such as the mmuseum cardboart we offer.

Apart from making prints, the paper is also excellent for packing and storing of prints and can also be used for interleaving them safely

Price for 50 A3+ sheets. 

Szerokość (mm) 400
Wysokość (mm) 500
Głębokość (mm) 20
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