Ambrotype – two day workshop

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Discover the magic of the ambrotype together with the author of The Ambrotype – A Practical Guide – the first Polish textbook devoted to this fascinating process. Join our workshop and learn to make your photographs on glass using the methods of the masters of 1860’s and 1870’s, the methods used till this day by numerous photographers all over the world – to name just Sally Mann or Ian Ruhter. Learn all the necessary secrets of the process along with recipes and procedures enabling you to create unique works of art while discovering the charm of old photography.

The magic of wetplate photography or, to be more specific, of ambrotypes, hasn’t passed for over 150 years which have passed since the invention of the technique. The image made of silver on glass, magical, glittering with subtle hues fascinates in the 21st century just as much as it did in the 19th. And just as it was in the times when it was invented, for most of us the technique still is a mystery, something almost mystical. It seems that it is even more of a mystery now than in the past.

Our two-day workshop in making wetplate ambrotypes will not only allow participants to learn/revise the rules governing wetplate photography but will also offer practical opportunities to use these skills under the tutor’s guidance and with the help of professional models taking part in the workshop.

The programme of the workshop covers:

  • a quick revision of using large format cameras,
  • a presentation of the wetplate ambrotype process including chemical recipes,
  • preparing glass for ambrotype photography,
  • coating glass with collodion,
  • sensitizing, exposing  and processing wetplate,
  • photographic shoot with professional model,
  • varnishing the ambrotype,
  • analysis of photographs taken during the workshop.

All participants will be provided with:

  • glass plates,
  • chemicals necessary for wetplate including salted collodion, iron developer, fixer, sensitizer and varnish,
  • a darkroom  for preparing and processing wetplates,,
  • professional model for the shoot assisted by a MUA/stylist,
  • free use of a large format camera,
  • a detailed handout.
  • hot drinks (tea and coffee)
  • home made dinners

Participants are welcome to bring their own 13×18 or 18x24cm cameras.

Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski, the author of the first Polish ambrotype textbook; Ambrotypia – Przewodnik praktyczny (Ambrotype – a practical handbook)

Duration: 16 hrs

Language: English and Polish

Maximum number of participants: 6

Price: 1190 PLN. 

Date: 16-17 may 2024

Location: Trąbki Wielkie, Poland

Nearest airport: Lech Wałęsa Airport, Gdańsk Rębiechowo

We don’t offer accommodation but will be happy to advise where it can be booked.

 „Wesele kaszubskie według I. Gulgowskiego" 

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