Platinum and palladium printing

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Take part in our only workshop devoted to the most luxurious of all iron based processes and learn the secrets of making photographs using platinum salts the way it was done by the greaters masters of photography.  Learn the magic of historical photography, of working with self made light sensitive materials and learn to make prints with one of the most beautiful photographic processes, prints that will be both exquisitely subtle and outstandingly permanent.

Platinum print and its sister technique palladium print are among the oldest, rarest and most permanent photographic techniques. They enable the artist to create pictures of amazing tonality, really unique ones of amazing permanence, limited only by the permanence of the paper they are made on. Small wonder this was the technique of choice of such masters as Edward Steichen or Irwin Penn.

We’ve prepared a workshop which will enable participants to learn the intricacies of the process and start their own, independent work, taught by Radosław Brzozowski. who brought the process back to life in post war Poland. During the workshop you will learn the necessary recipes as well as to prepare negatives, sensitize papers, control contrast of your prints and, above all, to work independently

The programme of the  workshop covers:

  • a theoretical introduction,
  • presentation of platinum prints,
  • preparing a digital negative for platinum printing
  • tips on developing large format negatives for platinum printing,
  • making palladium prints,
  • making multilayered palladium prints,
  • methods of preventing paper shrinkage and curling,
  • print presentation,

All the participants will be privided with:

  • chemicals required for platinum and palladium printing,
  • papers appropriate for platinum and palladium printing,
  • all materials and tools required for platinum and palladium printing,
  • a fully equipped darkroom,
  • facilities to print your own digital negatives (2 pcs)
  • materials necessary to stabilize prints
  • home made dinners
  • hot drinks (tea and coffee).

maximum group size: 6

length of the workshop: 16hrs

Language: English and Polish

Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski

Location: Akacjowa 1, Trąbki Wielkie, Poland

Nearest airport: Gdańsk Rębiechowo, Poland

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