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Pictorial photography – gumprint is one of the richest, most complete gumprinting workshops covering all key aspects of both monochromatic and colour gumprintng.

Despite the fact over a hundred years have passed since its heyday, pictorial photography is still immensely popular, one could actually say it enjoys a revival. Pictorial pictures are delicate, romantic with this unmistakeable note of dreaminess and nostalgy. Many photographers, more or less consciously, try to stay within pictorial aesthetics, whether their photography is digital or classical, as this often leads to the creation of interesting photographs. Unfortunately, digitally made pictorial photographs hardly ever can match up to the original work of masters, at least partly due to the limitations of the technique itself. Our four day workshop will offer an opportunity to come closer to the original methods of the Old Masters as the pictures created during it will be made using similar equipment and  techniques.

Unlike most workshops devoted to gumprinting, this is a complete course with intensive practice covering all issues connected with gumprinting. This means we will not only cover monochromatic gumprinting but also making full colour prints and combining gumprint with iron based processes.

The programme of our four-day workshop covers:

  • an overview of the work of most important pictorialists/gumprinters,
  • review/introduction of the most important pictorial techniques, especially gum bichromate, cyanotype and platinum combined with gumprint
  • preparing papers for gumprinting,
  • practical work on making a monochromatic picture; both single and multi-layered,
  • learning to manipulate the gumprinted image,
  • practical work on making full colour gumprints,
  • making prints using the combination of cyanotype and gumprint,
  • an overview of photographs taken during the workshop,
  • a revision of rules for matting and presenting prints.

What you will learn during the workshop

  • to prepare paper for gumprinting
  • to control the paper shrinkage during work
  • to make single and multi-layer monochromatic prints,
  • to physically manipulate the print during making,
  • to make colour gumprints
  • to combine gumprinting with cyanotype (and effectively with other iron based processes).

The workshop lasts from Thursday morning (10 a.m.) till Sunday evening. All the participants will be provided with:

  • hot drinks (tea and coffee) during the workshop,
  • materials necessary for gumprinting,
  • materials necessary for making cyanotypes,
  • other materials required for making the prints including prepared papers,
  • facilities for editing digital negatives,
  • fully equipped lab,
  • materials to print a digital large format negative  (3 pcs),

 A short programme of the workshop:

First day

We begin the workshop with a presentation of gumprints and a quick introduction to the process. The next step will be learning to prepare papers for gumprinting and beginning work on your own prints; for the time being black and white

Second day

The second day of the workshop will be devoted to continuing work on the monochromatic print as well on the preparation of papers so that every participant has an opportunity to master these essential skills. At the end of the day each participant should have at least one multilayered gumprint mae with their own hands.

Third day

This will be a very important day as it is the moment we will start working on full colour prints. The day will be divided between working on the black and white prints we have started working on earlier on and introducing the full colour gumprinting. This way we will both get more practice in monochromatic printing  and learn the art of making full colour gumprints.

Fourth day

This will be a hard day in the lab during which we will both finish the prints started earlier on and learn to combine gumprinting with cyanotype (and thus iron based processes). There will also be time to sum up the workshop and answer all the questions that are sure to appear during the four days.

maximum number of participants: 6

Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski

Price: 420 euros. 

Duration: Thursday – Sunday

Date:  12-15 February 2022

Language: English and Polish

Location: Trąbki Wielkie near Gdańsk Rębiechowo airport

Meanwhile – here is a little introduction to the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNi6Qgbhvt8

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