POP type chloride emulsions (gelatine and collodion)

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Many photographers still fondly remember the chloride papers manufactured until some twenty years ago. They were slow and required contact printing, but at the same time offered unrivalled image quality. Quality so good that, even though they were discontinued by the major manufacturers towards the end of the 20th century, we still get enquiries concerning their purchase. Others will still remember the older type POP papers. And even though these papers were manufactured for a very long time, in the USA until this very century, they too eventually disappeared from the range of the materials available.

Fortunately, the latter are reasonably easy to make yourself and even with little practice and very limited laboratory space/facilities, we can still make them ourselves. Even though working at home it may be difficult to match the original quality of factory made materials, still the results may be truly magical. 

For all those who would like to try their hand at making those papers, we offer a workshop that will give an opportunity to learn the proces of making both the collodion and gelatine POP silver chloride emulsions and papers.

During the workshop we will:

  • prepare a silver gelatin chloride emulsion learning the basics of the emulsion making process
  • prepare a silver collodion emulsion
  • learn the various methods of emulsion coating
  • learn to process prints on POP papers including the process of toning
  • learn the recipes of the most important toners
  • learn to use historical developers with POP papers


Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski

Language: English and Polish

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