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Join our oilprinting workshop and discover the magic of one of the most painterly and at the same tie creative photographic processes. Learn the method used by the greatest masters of pictorial photography, who 'painted' their photographic masterpieces not only with light but also with a paintbrush. Enter the world of physical, tangible photography intricately worked with paint handcoated on the matrix.

Oilprint, along with its sister technique of bromoil are among the most beautiful manipulative processes associated with pictorial photography and the American photosecession. It is a painterly technique which, like few others,  allows for a huge level of image manipulation and thus self expression. It's enough to say that this was the technique of choice of such masters as Gertrude Kasabier.

During the two day workshop participants will acquire all the skills necessary to start independent work with this beautiful technique. We will:

  • learn to prepare papers for oilprinting. This way we will once and for all free ourselves from the necessity to hunt down the papers suitable for bromoil printing. 
  • learn to sensitize the papers and prepare a matrix for further oilprinting.
  •  will learn the difficult art of inking the matrix so as to bring out and manipulate the image.
  • learn to protect the delicate surface of the prints from mechanical damage in order to ensure their maximum permanence.


We will also learn what tools can be used to create oilprints and practice using them.

The following will be provided during the workshop:

  • fully equipped darkroom for our practice,
  • papers prepared for oilprinting,
  • papers suitable for preparing oilprinting papers,
  • printing inks,
  • all tools necessary for creating oilprints
  • UV light sources and other tools necessary for exposing images and creating oilprinting matrix.
  • practice negatives
  • tea and coffee during the whole workshop.
  • home made dinners

InstructorRadosław Brzozowski

Language: Polish and English

Location:  Trąbki Wielkie near Gdańsk, Poland

Nearest airport: Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk Rębiechowo

Price: 990 PLN.

14-15 September 2023

maximum number of participants: 6

Though we don't offer accommodation, we will be pleased to offer advice on booking it.

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