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Vandyke Brown is another of the beautiful 19th century photographic processes allowing the artist to freely make prints at home, withough compicated equipment of darkroom. Unlike processes such as the cyanotype, it enables the photographer to produce photographs that are pleasantly brown. Similarly to the cyanotype and the majority of old photographic processes, it enables the photographer to make prints of unsurpassed permanence, even if there is a number of myths surrounding this particular process and questioning everything starting with image permanence. However, they all stem from insufficient knowledge or simply carelessness or simple errors made during the printing. A photograph that has been processed carefully will last for years and years

During the four-hour online workshop devoted to this magical process, you will learn the basic of working with this extremely interesting process as well as to work independently and from  the scratch

  • you will learn the different methods   od  coating, 
  • you will learn to prepare your light sensitive materials
  • you will learn to prepare your own negatives based on digital files
  • you will learn to make your own home darkroom.
  • you will learyou will learn to mke  home lab.
  • you will learn to expose vandyke brown print
  • you will learn to judge the exposure
  • you will learn the process way to process your print

The workshop will be based on a demonstration given by  the instructor, but thanks to the format of video congerence so there will be ample space for questions as well as free discussion that would normally take place in a group darkroom. The participant will also be able to make prints in their own darkrooms and using the instructions from the tutor and to consult the results they got. The limited number of participant will also make free discussion as well as learning easier.

The workshop is suitable for beginners who have only had very limited experience with historical processes.

Tutor: Radosław Brzozowski

Time 4 hrs

Nect workshop

price - 80pln

language - English

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