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Ready made silver gelatin emulsions as well as materials used for making them

Silver gelatin emulsion

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cold/warm plate
Price: €190.00
cold/warm plate

A cold/warm plate is an essential piece of equipment for anyone planning to coat their own glass plate negatives. A set consists of a metal plate with legs and screws allowing the surface to be levelled perfectly and a large metal tray. Attached to the bottom of the plate there is a set of radiators fitting into the tray. Depending on the temperature of water in the tray the whole set can be used either as a warm plate for coating and evening out the emulsion coat and as a chilling table used to accelerate the emulsion setting. A double set up is frequently used where one plate is kept warm and used for coating and leveling the mulsion and the other performs the function of a chilling table onto which coated plates are pushed to chill and set.

Photographic gelatin 1000gr
Price: €145.00
Photographic gelatin 1000gr

Photographic grade gelatin of highest purity for emulsion making. Tested for bromide and iodo-bromide negative emulsions. It can also be used as a primer to increase adhesion to glass. Other package sizes are also available.

1000 grams

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